How to Win Friends Easily

FriendsAfter you are out of school, it may be a bit difficult to make friends and connections with people who are not necessarily your colleagues. But what you need is to build a network and make friends in your industry. This means you have to make people like you. But the question is, how do you make people like you?  It seems to be hard to achieve that, but there are simple ways you can do about it to ensure your chances of making people like you.

Here is how to go about it;

Do not criticize

If you are looking forward to winning friends, you should not criticize, condemn or criticize. We will not be able to make real changes to the world if our lives are based on criticizing others. It is very important to understand that while dealing with people, we are not dealing with creatures of logic, but dealing with creatures of emotions. People are motivated by pride and ego, and we must handle them with keen. Criticism can be very futile as it put the other person on the defensive end, and usually makes them try their best to defend themselves.


Give honest and sincere appreciation

The only way you can make someone do anything you want is by giving them anything they want. In most cases, people want health, food, money, and sex. These may be important, but there’s still another one – the desire to be important. One of the deepest principles of human nature is the desire and cravings to be appreciated. There is no need to take anyone for granted. Flattery comes from the tongue while appreciation comes from the heart. There is the need to stop thinking about ourselves and start appreciating others.


Make the other person eager

eagerIn most cases, you are interested in what you want, but no one else is. Everyone is interested in what he or she wants, and that is the nature of life. To convince someone to do something, we have to work on it in terms of what interests them. To motivate others, we need to be able to see things from their point of view. This is the reason why the greatest salesperson see things from the customer’s angle and try to make customer interested in a product. The word is full of people who are self-seeking and grabbing. If you find someone who unselfishly tries to serve others from his heart, then they have an enormous potential.


Avoid arguments

The only way to get the best out of an argument is to avoid it. In most cases, we are often tempted to argue with others especially when we are very certain to be right. But even if we are right, what will argue bring forth? There is no big pleasure in proving someone else wrong. Arguing in most cases results in making the other person feel more convinced to be right.  If we win an argument, it is good results. But that means we won by making the other person feel inferior, through hurting their pride. This means in the end, we still lose.


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