How to Manage Time Properly

timeWhen it comes to running a small business, be it a shop, tow truck, ecommerce or other services, time becomes very important. It has to be noted that there are not more than 24 hours in any given day. Some people approach time with more focus, while others do not. With the right approach, you can have total control over your time if you approach things keenly and precisely. With a better control of time, you become more efficient, productive and primarily stress-free.

If you are looking forward to better manage your time, here are important tips you should have in mind.


Know your goals

You need to ensure that you keep yourself engaged in activities that go in line with your personal and business goals. These goals may be short or long term depending on what you want to achieve. Anything else apart from your goals is a potential time-waster. Your day to day routine should revolve around working on activities and tasks that relate directly to generating income and growing your business as well as promoting your personal development.


Prioritize Wisely

From the famous author – Steve Covey, we get to learn the act of prioritizing wisely. Look at what is going to make up your day and stick to the activities in your schedule. Important and urgent tasks must be handled first. You need to do them right away. Then there are important and not urgent tasks. These are tasks that appear important, but upon a closer examination, they are not that urgent. Then we have urgent but not important tasks. These are tasks you should look forward to delegate. Lastly we have not urgent and not important tasks. These tasks have a low priority and you should do them later.

Learn to say No

You are your own boss and no one should dictate your time. If you have to decline a task to focus on what is truly important for you, then just do it. Do not hesitate to say No. The same goes for any other product or service that you are determine to achieve and there are a lot of distractions taking up your time. Be prepared to say No and move on, if that is what is required for you to be more productive. Learn for vital experiences and avoid wasting time on unnecessary things.


Plan Ahead

One of the worst things you can do is to jump into daily tasks without a plan at hand. Take time to think ahead and plan how your day and week will be. To plan your day effectively, you can do that the night before or just pick it up the first thing in the morning. You can wake up a few minutes early or start working a bit early to create time and schedule how your day will be. The few minutes you spend planning your day will go a big deal towards saving vital time wasted in between the day for lack of time planning.


Eliminate Distractions

The number one reasons we fail to stick to a time plan is opening ourselves up to allow distractions.  Pay a keen attention to the number of times you are distracted from your work. How many times are you interrupted when you are in the middle of task? What impact does such distraction have in your tie and productivity? Unless you evaluate these vital questions, you will not be able to realize how important it is to avoid distractions. Shut down doors and switch off your phones and social media channels that act as your biggest distractor.







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