How to Train Your Team in Social Selling

Social media is used by tow truck and other businesses across all industries to reach their target audience and customers. You might have heard about a business that has gained a lot of traction and revenue by selling on platforms such as LinkedIn or Instagram. Others are using platforms such as messenger to respond to customer service queries. But before we can get deeper into the whole process let us understand the whole process of social selling.

What is Social Selling?

Social selling refers to the process of using social media platforms and their networks to add more prospects, opportunities as well as information to your business process. It includes finding, connecting, nurturing, and even converting prospects and members of your target audience through one of the many social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

It is very important to train your sales reps in social selling. To train your sales rep in social selling here is how to go about it.


Active on Social Media

For social selling to be effective, your salespeople need to be active on social media. A potential customer would not trust you if you are not active on social media. Posting, interacting, and engaging on social media is how reps will remain relevant to their prospects. Potential customers are more likely to engage with a rep who has valuable information to help them.


Valuable information

Your reps need to provide valuable information in the 3Cs of social selling. The first is context, where reps should establish context around who they are and their purpose on social. This can be achieved by identifying and engaging with prospects to establish strong relations with qualified prospects. There is also the context where reps need to share valuable content with their prospects. Lastly, there is a collaboration which deals with maintaining an open line of communication with all involved.


Make Social Selling Goals

Just as it is with any business strategy, your members need to make goals that are related to social selling. A rep mat set a goal on how much time they will spend on social selling during a given time. They might also set a goal on the approximate number of qualified leads they will identify and reach out to during a given quarter. No matter the goal set, it must be attainable and related to your business.

It is also important for you to introduce your reps to social personas so that they have a better understanding of their targets. Your social persons will most likely be similar to your buyer personas. The only key difference is that they are your buyer personas on social media. There are key things you get right. Understand the platforms your personas are most active on. Understand the type of posts your personas are interacting and engaging with the most.

You also need to understand what type of content your personas want to see and engage with mostly on social media.




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